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ANGEL LOGAN | The Author

As her own entourage and as an (Indie) independent artist, Angel Logan has worn several different hats, while building her career within the literary industry.  Through her unique and expressive style of writing, Angel's objective is to share and to teach some of life's most beautiful lessons, while inspiring each of her readers to relinquish fear, embrace hope, and to believe in oneself.
With very little sleep, working each day and most evenings, while burning the midnight oil into the early morning hours -- Angel manages every aspect of the Angel Logan company from business operations to author public relations. In addition, Angel developed a letter style email called Serendipity, which is sent monthly to a subscriber list. This newsletter is Angel's small way of reaching out to her readers and friends to stay in touch, give updates, and to share the personal and professional pearls of wisdom that she has acquired along her journey.

Angel's creative path has included a strong musical background as a flautist for many years and as a live musical sound engineer for over a decade. Along with her passion for music, Angel owned and operated Angelbells Wedding Consulting for seven years. During that time, Angel was a member and webmaster of the (BPW) Waltham/Greater Boston chapter of the Business and Professional Women's Organization. Subsequently, she volunteered her time and efforts, as the Adjutant, Associate Membership Coordinator, and Staff Writer of a local U.S. Marine Corps League Detachment, in support of US Troops, their families, Veterans services and a variety of community related programs. 

Angel spent her childhood years in Wooster, Ohio, studied Liberal Arts, and received her degree from the University of Akron, in Ohio. Shortly after, she moved to New England, where she met and married her husband, Dana. The couple continue to enjoy their life together between their home in Waltham, MA and their getaway in Old Orchard Beach, ME, as the ocean has always been a huge source of inspiration and joy for both of them.

Although the Logans prefer to maintain privacy within their personal life, Angel does not mind showcasing her professional journey as an author and writer, in hopes to inspire other writers traveling along the same path. Some outside of the creative world may view the art of writing as a part-time endeavor or a mere recreational activity. However, for Angel, writing is much more than her passion -- it is a dream that has become a reality, it is a full-time profession, and it is a lifelong commitment to the ultimate career!
Angel's book projects include: 

ANGEL LOGAN | The Company

Angel Logan began her own full-time, namesake company because of the high demand for her writing expertise -- providing an array of creative writing services for personal and commercial projects, while building a diverse group of short and long term regional and national customers. The Angel Logan company services include fiction and non-fiction book writing, manuscript editing, promotional content, online and print articles, poetry, lyrics, and personal mentoring and instruction. Angel's customers have ranged from private individuals to entertainers/artists and small businesses to large corporations nationwide. 

Angel Logan has the expertise, creativity, and vision to produce cohesive, polished, and professional results with personalized attention for a price and timeframe worthy of your writing and/or editing needs. 

You do not have to turn your schedule upside down or become overwhelmed by the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of book writing or any other type of writing project, because Angel Logan knows precisely what to do to ensure optimum results, making the process as simple and painless for you as possible!

Angel knows how to connect to your thoughts and emotions to truly express your unique voice whether you need personal or commercial writing. While working independently through her own style and methodology, Angel can transform your ideas, along with any of your reference materials (compiled papers, journal pages, scribbles, fragmented notes, and audio recordings) into new and original content -- an engaging fiction or non-fiction story from cover to cover, marketing information for your company or a variety of other writing related projects. 

Please send an email inquiry that includes your phone number, best live call times, and specific information about your project. In response, Angel will call you personally (no texting) to discuss your writing needs, as well as detailed Angel Logan company services, prices, and acceptable payment methods. An Angel Logan company invoice will be sent to all customers before any project begins for 100% prepayment and a complete terms and conditions of service agreement will be sent for all book writing customers to sign.


NOTE: Company prices and payment policies are reflective of current market writing industry standards and a promised percentage of desired profits will NOT be considered in lieu of monetary payment.
Book projects will be accepted according to availability and personal interest.
Please inquire about prices for on-demand samples.