​... A woman of her word!


From the customers​​

"Angel, as I move forward with our book -- reading it again -- I realize how beautiful it is. I just felt the need to say thank you for writing such a beautiful account of my life story. Thanks for your mastery in this project." ​

~Julie Brown (Building a Life)

"A true angel, Angel Logan was the writer whose advice and editing turned a rough-hewn collection of words into a book that makes me proud."

~Ron Cherney (Coming out of her Shell & The Miracle)

"Your passion is contagious. Every time I read the manuscript I often stop and wonder where you pulled some of the information from. I ask myself, how did she know that. Your attention to detail is impeccable."

~Patricia Meserve Gauvin, (Hope through the Eyes of Love)

"It has been quite an adventure and I am delighted that you took it with me! I still remember the day that I first read your work. I was hooked. I'm not sure if I ever told you but you smoked 19 other writers that I interviewed for the project."

~The late Andrew Leon LeClair (One Foot in Front of the Other)

From the reviewers 

"Wings of an Angel is a beautiful collection of poetry that gently relaxes one from the inside out and somehow within it's few pages of beauty can bring you to an inner peace each time you open it. An absolute work of beauty." ​

~Beverly Pechin, Reader Views (5-Star Review)

"Angel Logan's poetry is filled with beauty, magic and wisdom. Pictures, like dreamscapes, accompany each poem to enhance the message presented and give a sense of completion to each stage in Angel Logan's personal journey."​​

~Rebecca Johnson, The Rebecca Review (5-Star Review)

"Wings Of An Angel is a remarkable and recommended collection of original and intimate poetry by Angel Logan. Each featured poem is paired with a full page illustration. With a message reaching out to readers and guide them through the ideals of love and insights of life, Wings Of An Angel contributes rare and intricate stylings for a unique projection of an enveloping dialect."

~The Poetry Shelf, Midwest Book Review (5-Star Review)

"This collection was eloquent in every sense of the word. With the profound theme of human nature, fear of rejection and opening yourself to the world, Angel Logan will pull you deeper into her words and have you scrambling to turn to the next page. I loved the colorful layout of the book and the fabulous illustrations only served to enhance the already beautiful poetry."

~CC, Lighthouse Literary Reviews (5-Beacon Review)

"Angel Logan's passionate poetry. It is not commonly passionate; rather, Angel's poems are passionate about the reader: they offer a gift to us in the form of hope and inspiration. The greatest value in Angel Logan's poetry is in its purpose. How often do you read something that has as its intention the desire to improve your outlook on life and the quality of it?"​​

~Chris Goebel, Editor-in-Chief (Humdinger Literary E-Zine & Magazine)

From the readers 

"I love 'Field of Gold', It is one of my many favorites. It reminds me of the strength of my son, who has passed. His beautiful glow, his messages that I feel, especially when I feel his presence. He always danced around with his happiness, no matter how ill. He is with me always, as is the 'Field of Gold'. The artwork by Marcia Davis is very moving, the colors are wonderful. Great job! I look forward to seeing and reading many more of your books."​

~Theresa Sorrentino (Burlington, Massachusetts)

"My impression of your book ...  I really enjoy it. To me a book of poetry is something you leave on a bedside table, or at the breakfast nook - a place where you can pick it up when you have a moment of solitude. Your book makes that easy to do. When I open it up, each poem stands out as more than black print on a page. The colors, the print, the illustrations make each poem an artistic creation. I don't know if I've read the whole book and honestly it doesn't matter because each day I pick it up, thumb through the pages to something that catches my eye - that poem is my thought for the day." 

~Joanna Plummer (Uncasville, Connecticut)

"In clear, accessible prose, Angel reaches out to the reader about her life's journey, both light and dark. The tone and imagery infused throughout the book produces a stimulus to reflect on our inner self and our own journey. Wings of an Angel is a valuable choice for expanding our consciousness. One comes away feeling empowered and inspired."

~Suzanne Robart (N. Lawrence, Ohio)

From the publisher

"Thank you for the opportunity to edit Building a Life. This is a beautifully written, generous, and compassionate story. Its openness and candor will make it accessible to many readers. As I studied the pages that capture this family’s life, I thought of my own journey and of the journeys of other women in my life. Readers will relate to how well Building a Life captures life’s unexpected twists and turns, its joys and sorrows. And they’ll appreciate the narration’s 
gentle, reflective wisdom. Congratulations on all your hard work thus far.​" 

~Balboa Press (Building a Life)